Monday, September 24, 2012

I Dare You...

At my church we are in a serious called "I Dare You" every Sunday our Pastor challenges us with different dares so to speak.  Yesterday's message was so powerful and spoke to my inner core.
He challenged us to dream again.  Are there dreams that you have let die?  Or dreams that are dormant or maybe even forgot about? Well, I know when I was a young girl I had a dream I would walk around saying that when I grew up I was going to be a Lawyer.  I remember being so specific I was going to go to Harvard Law school and live in Boston.  Too many this might seem like a pretty normal dream and there is a possibility that it may have come true.  However, here I was this Mexican-girl first generation with parents who spoke little to no English. I was just happy that I was attending college.  Seeing how I was the first in my family and girl at that.  That dream might of come true, but as life would have it didn't.  The moment that my Father passed away many of my dreams died as well.  My life had been tainted with this dark reality.  My hero, my biggest encourager was no longer going to be in my life to guide and support me along the way. 

I did make it to college and still had hopes of going to law school, but I soon realized that Political Science as my major wasn't for me.  You see I had one bad teacher that discouraged me and really made me feel like I was too stupid to even think about getting into law school.  I decided to pursue Journalism instead, but quickly after graduating I knew that I didn't want to spend my entire life talking about depressing, bad news.  I say all this because it makes me think of so many dreams that I had that I let die in my life. So many times we let our circumstances dictate our reality.

For many years I was okay with being mediocre.  I just figured this was the deck I was dealt with and I just have to deal with it.  My inner core wanted to believe for greater things, but the other voice was always louder.  Unfortunately, I spent many years listening to that voice. My life changed though the minute that I encountered my Prince and true hero Jesus Christ!  His voice began to speak truth to me and all of a sudden my soul became alive! I realized that I had been deceived into believing these lies about my life that were not true.

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I knew that I had a purpose in my life. God began to give me new dreams and visions greater than I could ever had imagined.  I knew that I wanted to be that voice to the voiceless. Two years ago I had the opportunity to travel to India and when I came back from that trip I was really moved by what I saw.  God began to speak to me and he began to give me a clear vision.  My heart broke for the woman and girls in India.  God put it on my heart to begin a ministry to help woman in human-trafficking.  One of the reasons I wanted to be a lawyer was to fight for people and their injustices.  I may not have a law degree, but that part of me has never died.  I know that desire God placed in my heart. My dream is to help women who society had forgotten about.  To go into those dark places where many are afraid to go.  To fight for those who are living in despair and that are hopeless. 

"When God gives you a dream, He is more interested in who you will become...than you getting your dream." 
-P. Sergio De La Mora

When my Pastor shared the quote above I really began to think about it.  Because to be quite honest I have been a little discouraged because my "dreams" have not come into existence yet and I stared to question who am I becoming?  I can tell you this much I have become a Girl who desires to leave a legacy with her life.  I have become someone who will not give up on people no matter how long it takes.  I have become someone who knows her purpose.  I have become someone who has a heart full of compassion and love.  I have become someone who has been healed and fully restored.  I am a woman who will use her voice to see others be set free.  No one deserves to be a slave or a prisoner against their own free will.  I have become someone who will  fight for others no matter how long it takes to see justice prevail! There are 27 million slaves that need our voice! 

My question to you is will you dream again 
and who are you becoming?


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