Friday, August 12, 2011

blessed & broken

Where do I begin...this summer was by far the best.  From the islands or jungles of Panama to New York City.  The Lord's presence was so evident.  His beauty is indescribable.  I was privileged this summer to lead  teenagers and young adults from all across the United States to deliver the message of hope, redemption, restoration, peace, joy and unfailing love.  The greatest joy I have is seeing them break down their walls and become broken before the Lord.  I was inspired and encouraged by them.  They leave their comforts of home, family, friends in hopes of more.  I really believe they found more.  We go with the motive of serving and blessing others, but in turn we gain so much more.  We are the ones who are blessed.  We gain strength.  We gain freedom.  We discover a love that is so much deeper that all we want to do is share with others.  I am challenged as I come back to "normal" what is "normal" after all.  Living for greatness. Living without fear.Living for Holiness.  For Purity.  Being FEARLESS in knowing that one day our King will return.  This is how I choose to live!